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V M India Metal - Powder Coating

Sheet metal fabrication projects are sought after when customers require robust and enduring structures. These fabrications, typically constructed from steel or other metals prone to rust and corrosion, need additional protection to withstand harsh weather conditions or exposure to moisture. Powder coating plays a vital role in the sheet metal fabrication process in such cases. Not only does it enhance the longevity of the structure, but it also provides a durable finish. Powder coating creates a resilient barrier that renders the end product water-resistant and resistant to chemical damage and UV light, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s for corrosion-prone metals or non-corrosive materials, powder coating adds an extra layer of protection, reinforcing the durability and reliability of the fabricated structure.

Facts About Our Powder Coating

  • We offer a wide variety of colours and finishes, to meet any aesthetic considerations
  • We always have a wide variety of paints, finishes and colours in stock – with colours available in RAL, Pantone and other colour systems
  • We utilise GEMA equipment for our powder coating service
  • Powder coating can be carried out manually or using a reciprocating gun/automatic reciprocating gun, depending on the needs of each project
  • We can utilise a protective 2-coat system with primer and finishing for certain industries

Our Powder Coating Capabilities

At V M India Metal, we’re always passionate about investing in the best technology for our customers.

  • We have the facilities available to accommodate parts up to 3000mm long, 1000mm wide and 1400mm deep within our powder-coating process.

Our skilled painters are able to provide perfect finishes by hand on the more complex parts of certain projects, as well as use an automated reciprocating system for larger batch sizes. We stock a wide range of RAL and Pantone colours and finishes, including satin, gloss, matte, polyester, leatherette and texture. Plus, special colours can be ordered to suit your requirements, if required!