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CAD Design with V M India Metal

 CAD design plays a vital role in the initial stages of the sheet metal fabrication process, and it is an integral part of almost every project we undertake. We recognize that manufacturing precision and meticulous planning are crucial factors in delivering high-quality products. This is where our expertise in 3D CAD design, specifically using Solidworks, becomes invaluable. With a dedicated team of experienced CAD designers in-house, we possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to develop cost-effective designs that are purpose-built, ensuring they meet all requirements without compromising on quality, durability, or aesthetic appeal.

Our design team have extensive experience not just in product design and creation, but also specifically within a sheet metal context, so have extensive knowledge of sheet metal project capabilities, which allows us to speed up the design process and reduce the need for design amendments.

  • We also offer Bysoft laser nesting software within our technical and design departments, saving our customers money and time in their projects
  • Document control means every one of our clients has a full archive of any revisions/amendments to designs
  • We offer an “exploded view” for complex assemblies in our designs.
  • Using Solidworks, our team can also render fabrication models.

CAD Design Using CAD Design Softwaren - Solid Works, AutoCAD

Working with CAD design software is a multifaceted process that demands expertise from various disciplines such as art and design, IT and computing, engineering, and more.

When our designers utilize SOLIDWORKS to create an initial model, they establish the geometry of the design, encompassing points, lines, arcs, curves, conics, and splines. At this stage, different dimensions are incorporated to ensure seamless integration of all design elements. If necessary, designs can define tangency, parallelism, perpendicularity, and concentricity of features using both 2D and 3D techniques. SOLIDWORKS software prioritizes the design requirements over preset software features, granting our team the flexibility to develop entirely bespoke and accurate designs rather than being constrained by pre-existing geometries. If the design needs to be presented in a 3D format, we can accomplish that, providing our clients with a transparent view of the expected end product and equipping our manufacturing team with precise instructions for accurate construction.

CAD software not only yields precise and highly functional designs but also facilitates the manufacturing process. Within the CAD software, we can establish specific rules that guide our sheet metal folding, bending, and punching machines, eliminating the need for manual input of instructions during the manufacturing stage. Additionally, once a design is created and implemented, it can be saved for future reference, expediting the construction process for any potential repeat orders.