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Industrial Locker

What Are Industrial Lockers ?

We understand your concerns, and that’s why we provide a comprehensive range of storage solutions, including heavy-duty racks, slate angles, and mobile storage systems. Our goal is to maximize the available space in your facility. As the top locker manufacturer in the market, we have earned a reputation for excellence.

We recognize the importance of selecting the right locker manufacturer, and we are confident that our premium products outshine those offered by our competitors. When you choose Myriad locker manufacturer, you can trust that you will receive storage solutions of the highest quality. Our products offer exceptional value and are designed to meet all of your specific requirements.

Cell Phone or Gadget Lockers

We specialize in customizing Cell Phone Lockers according to your specific requirements. Currently, our most popular models are the ones that can store up to 6 cell phones in a single locker. Our lockers are in high demand among sports clubs, educational institutions, religious places, and more.

Available Variants

We offer the 30-door model and the 60-door model as standard options. However, we also provide customized products to perfectly suit your unique needs.

Benefits Of Industial Lockers

  • Safety & Security of your
  • Valuable High volume along with good storage capacity
  • User friendly & Flexible
  • Combination of 2 Keys available
  • Easy handling with proper accessibility